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Asa Runge

2018 Summer - Asa has signed to play the 2018 Summer season with the North East Baseball 16U Team, out of Hudson, MA.  

2017 Fall – Asa will play the 2017 Fall season with the North East Baseball 18U Showcase Team, out of Hudson, MA.  This team will compete in tournaments and showcased throughout the North East states.

2017 Spring/Summer – Asa will start the 2017 season playing for his Pinkerton Academy Varsity baseball team in Derry, New Hampshire.  This is a top state D1 high school baseball program offer some of the most competitive play in the North East.   

Getting To Know Asa Runge

Hometown:  Chester, New Hampshire

Nickname:  “Asa The Ace”

Height:  6"1'

Weight:  195 lbs

Throws:  Left

Pitching Velocity: 86+ MPH

Bats: Left


Glove Used:  Wilson A2000 Pro-stock - Custom       

Hobby: Crossfit, Weight Lifting, and Basketball

Favorite Food:  Steak and mashed potatoes - and lots of it.

Positions:  LHP, OF, and 1B              

Do You Want To Play Baseball In College:  I do want to play baseball in college.  I value, and understand the need for an education to reach goals in the future.  I am currently meeting with a number of college baseball coaches, viewing campuses, and reviewing options. However, finding the right fit is a process.  It's a process for both me, and the college baseball program. It's a very exciting time going through the recruiting process.  I have met some of the most highly respected college coaches and viewed some of the most impressive campuses.  I know the criteria that I am looking for in a college baseball program - and when I find the right program I will know immediately.     

How Much Do You Travel a Year For Baseball:  The most common question that I get asked is, "How much do you travel each year for baseball?" Well, the answer is that I fly back-and-forth to Georgia every week from February to August (spending about 1/3 of the week in Georgia). Then, after August the travel slows down to every other week - but I am traveling around the country during these months.  I will log in excess of 100,000 miles in 2016 alone.  I am currently a Delta Air Lines Platinum Medallion Member due to the amount of miles I fly each year. 

Why Did You Play Baseball In Georgia:  The second most common question that I get asked is, "Why did you play baseball in Georgia?"  The answer is because I wanted to compete with the best players and against the best players. Georgia is the center of the universe when it comes to travel baseball and the level of talent and competition is unmatched any where in the country (in my opinion).  

Why Did You Play For The East Cobb Astros:  This is the typical question that I get asked from individuals that do not know much about travel baseball.  The answer is that East Cobb Baseball (ECB) is one of the most recognized and respected baseball organizations in the country.  They offer one of the best facilities, top level coaches, instant recognition, and an opportunity to be part of something special. Every year a large number of current and former ECB players are selected  in the MLB draft.  D1 College baseball scouts are always around our complex and are very familiar with all of the Astro and East Cobb players.  And, my Astros team is a real team - there are no individuals - we are a team.   

Do You PLay Any Other Sport:  I do.  I don't necessarily consider myself a baseball player - I consider myself an athlete.  You can typically find me in the gym lifting weights, doing CrossFit, or on the road getting in my cardio.  I also play baseketball in the baseball off-season.  I have also played football and also competed on a swim team.            

Favorite -3 Bat: 2017 Demarini Voodoo Insane End-loaded

Favorite MLB Pitcher: Aroldis Chapman

Favorite MLB Team: Chicago Cubs


2016 Pictures

Asa hitting another homerun at Marlins Stadium in Miami, Florida at the 10th Annual International Power Showcase.

When the Stros are not playing, they are watching their friends and other competitors play.  Here they are watching their Bandito friends battle the Sun Devils in the PG World Series Championship.

Asa with some of his baseball teammates hanging after the games.  It's not all hard work.

Asa and his East Cobb Astro coaches Ken Clarke and Dave Roberts at the Perfect Game LakePoint Baseball Complex in Marietta, GA.

Asa signing autographs for young fans at the 2015 Baseball Youth All-Star Championship in in Yaphank, NY.

Asa taking signs from the catcher before unleashing a pitching sequence that ends with another "K" and a win for the Astros.

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