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1.  Youngsville Cal Ripkin, Auburn, NH

2. Chester Cal Ripkin, Chester, NH​

3. Youngsville All-Stars Team 9U, Auburn, NH

1.  2012 Cal Ripkin Second Place in State Championship.

2.  Top pitcher for Youngsville baseball.

3.  Top batter for Youngsville baseball.

4.  Named to Play on the Youngsville All Star Team. 

2013 Baseball Awards

2013 Baseball Season


Asa developed a love of baseball when he was very young.  He started playing at age 4 for his local town team.  He even made the in-town Cal Ripkin Majors Team when he was only 8 years old (the rules require a child to be Ten (10) years old).  But, his talents and abilities were really over-looked until age 9, when Dan Bernier, the President of Youngsville Baseball in Auburn, NH, recognized his athletic ability playing football.


Then, immediately after the football season Asa was invited to play 9U Cal Ripkin baseball for Youngsville.  That season he made the Youngsville All-star Team and the team made a push for the State Championship. Ultimately, the Team lost the championship game and took second in the state of New Hampshire.  From that moment on...Asa was hooked.

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