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The Dynamic Duo of Asa Runge & Lee Pacheco have put New England on high alert when the 12U Legends Prospect team shows up to play. 


Asa Runge (Chester, NH) & Lee Pacheco (Salem, Ma) are the 3 & 4 hitters and the 1 & 2 pitchers on this years Legends 12U Prospect Team.  "These guys are right up there with some of the best 12U players that have ever come through our program" says Legends owner Dave Costantino.  "We have been around for 10 years and have had some very dominate players and teams during that time.  When you look at the career stats you will see these two guys near the top of every offensive and pitching category at the end of this year.  Our new website shows the top 10 offensive and pitching categories during our 10 year existence for all age levels.  It's a great feature that we offer our kids.  They all enjoy looking at the history of Legends Baseball and all the players that have gone through our program over the years." 


"I'm excited to see Asa and Lee's game translate onto the big diamond next year." added Mike Costantino.  "We've had some great players over the years that have put up very big numbers at the 11U & 12U level. Some of those guys didn't have that same success on the big diamond as they did on the small diamond but I'm very confident in saying that these two guys will be very successful over the next few years on the big diamond.  They fit the mold of what we look for in players at those age levels so I'm really looking forward to seeing them play next year.  The harder they work the better baseball players that they will become so moving forward it's all in their hands as how bad they want it.  We can project all we want but it's the drive and the hard work that each individual puts in and it starts at the 13U level."


"It's a big jump and takes a lot of hard work over the winter time to be able to play a 65-75 game schedule like we play at our 13U Prospect Level.  This years 13U Prospect Team is as good as a team that I have seen or coached at the 13U level since we've started.  With that being said they have had many ups and downs as a team and as individuals throughout the season.  They are 43-6 at the moment but it has not come easy at all for most of these players on this team.  They work very hard at what they do, they are leaders, they love baseball and are very unselfish players and most of all they are great teammates to each other.  We get all of the players that hit 10-20 home runs in Little League but when they turn 13 it's a reality check because there is a good chance they don't hit any home runs all year.  I always tell my 13U teams that it's big boy baseball once you turn 13. "

The 12U Legends Prospects still have their last tournament at the Ripken Complex in Aberdeen Maryland at the end of July. The Legends currently have a 28-10 record and look to take home the trophy in their last tournament of the year before next years tryouts. 


Asa currently has 14 home runs, 50 RBI's with a .543 Average.  The stat that stands out the most is his .689 OBP.  He has 25 walks which means he is a very disciplined hitter.  Asa is 6-1 on the mound and has 70 strikeouts in 35 innings (2 per inning) with a 1.01 ERA. Asa plays a solid first base when he's not on the mound.  His bat speed is tremendous along with his hand eye coordination. 


Lee has 10 home runs, 12 doubles, 6 triples, 44 RBI's with a .500 average.  On the mound Lee is 7-3 with a 2.13 ERA and has 76 strikeouts in 45 innings pitched.  Lee can play any position on the field and plays them all very well.  He's a tall kid and is very athletic for his size so we can put him at any position and feel very comfortable. 


"We are excited to watch the growth of these two players over the next few years and I'm sure at some point I will be talking to some big time college coaches about these two players, it's just a matter of time" says Rusty Tucker (showcase baseball director).


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