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Justin Bieber's new bold tattoo makes him look stupider than ever.

Justin Bieber is no stranger to bad decisions or tattoos, but his latest piece of body art might be his boldest. The star posted photos to social media showing off a new tattoo that covers his entire torso. The new tattoo was poorly applied directly over some previously existing tattoos making the new piece even stranger.

On Saturday, the singer shared an image to his Instagram account displaying his new tattoo to the shock and horror of many of his fans. Now, the front of his upper body, from his waistline to the top of his shoulders, is now completely covered in tattoos. Later, he shared a video of himself walking around his house shirtless, displaying his newest bad decision. The design, which features a skeleton, gargoyles, an eagle and more do little to cover the random tattoos that existed previously.

Justin is certainly showing that his bad decisions won't stop...they are just becoming permanent.

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