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Recently Floyd Mayweather confirmed that he has held discussions with the UFC over a "billion dollar" fight series. After weeks of rumors about a potential UFC fight with Conor McGregor, Mayweather finally confirmed he has held negotiations about a series of fights and even possibly entering the octagon.

"There's been talks," Mayweather confirmed in an interview with Forbes. "We don't know if it's a boxing ring or maybe an octagon," he teased. Then, in a live Periscope video uploaded by, the 15-time world boxing champion told fans that he could "come back" to UFC, fight "in the Octagon," and "do a three or four-fight deal and make $1 billion," or £745 million.

The 40-year-old retired last year as an unbeaten, 12-time world boxing champion in five different weight divisions. With a boxing career that has lasted decades, Mayweather has racked up $1 billion in career prize money.

Now, the retired boxer says that the UFC has made him a huge offer to return to combat sports. However, many speculate that the original deal with McGregor, and the UFC, was actually a three fight deal that would put Mayweather in the octagon at some point. Recent discussions indicate that any MMA fight would contain modified rules that would prohibit takedowns, kicks, elbows, and many other normal components of MMA fighting, for the fighter’s safety.

Similar cross promotion between the fighting sports can be seen recently where former UFC fighter, Rhonda Rousey, wrestled her debut match at the WWE WrestleMania against Stephanie McMahon.

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