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You’ve probably watched Sam Houston State’s Coach Matt Deggs’ speech, of June 11, 2017, from the postgame press conference after the Bearkats lost 19-0 to Florida State in the NCAA Super Regionals. It was a heartfelt display of what brought this team one step away from the College World series. It was the verbalization of a mindset of how faith and giving people second chances has changed his point of view as a coach. It was about coaching the players as humans, not simply as pieces on the field. He says: “It’s not about wins or losses. It’s about love. It’s about building men, building relationships that will last forever. I got a second chance. This guy is a second-chance guy. This guy is a second-chance guy. This guy is a second-chance guy. We’re about building people up. It’s not mission Omaha. It’s mission build and save lives.”

In a system that is committing 8th graders to major D1 programs. Where coaching staffs are routinely eliminated for missing the “mission Omaha” agenda. Where players are viewed as a replaceable commodity that are there to serves the agenda. This type of mindset creates a coaching separation…a divide between a coaches that focus simply on the agenda versus those that focus on the players themselves. Hopefully, many more coaches will run with the Deggs’ philosophy.

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